Violin and Viola Lessons are located on the campus of Kuztown University and in the Scranton Area.

Lessons are priced according to local competitive rates only.

Payment is received prior to the lesson. Cash, Check, and Card are all accepted.

  • Notice of absence via email or text received at least one week in advance guarantees makeup lessons at no additional charge.
  • Lesson Rates: $20.00 / 30 minutes & $40.00 / 60 minutes
  • At no extra cost, lessons may exceed the allotted time as mutually appropriated.
  • At no extra cost, lessons include musical literacy for beginning students.
  • At no extra cost, lessons include theory and composition as desired by advanced students.
  • Media from the lessons may be used by the instructor, unless otherwise agreed.

Use the form below to sign up or email me directly at: brendan@bblmusic.com

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